Customizable L2D Slime Vtuber Model

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This is a fully rigged customizable Slime/Jelly Live2D vtuber model for Vtube Studio. Become a jiggly vtuber or customize one to match your existing vtuber persona! You can mix and match colors and ears to make 206,000+ possible combinations! The digital content included in this: Model files(no cmo3), Color Options, Icons, Tutorials and TOS. Join the slime army now! :DDD

Update 1.1: Added 10 new ears (17 total now), fixed an eye rig bug.

Model Showcase Video:

New Ears Showcase Video:

Credit to @melonminty_ would be greatly appreciated when using the model!


This model can be used for vtubing, streaming videos and content creation.

Please do NOT use this for commercial games/apps..

You may NOT resell or redistribute these files, modify and sell or claim you made them.

You may NOT use any of these files or models with anything that involve the

use/selling/creating of NFTs.

You MAY edit the textures to your liking! :D

The cmo3 file (Live2D Cubism Editing data) is NOT included.

I have NOT abandoned copyright.

Do NOT use these files and models to promote any hate speech, violence,

illegal substances, sexual activity involving minors.

I am not responsible for the trouble or wrong actions of those that

purchase and use this model.

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Customizable L2D Slime Model for VTS and Tutorial

206000+ possible combinations!!
Editable textures for even more customization!!
Tutorial with pictures :)


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Customizable L2D Slime Vtuber Model

58 ratings
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